We are an UK-based media production company with a firm focus on delivering independent feature films to the international marketplace and a strong passion for quality storytelling and high production values.

We are open to international co-production ventures.



Spanish-born and UK-based, Angel started film-making 13 years ago. The film ’Brothers day’, shot and set in Manchester, UK is his first feature work as a director. His production work includes 4 other independent feature films and internet series -in UK, Spain and USA- such as the horror ‘Deadtime’ and the comedy ‘Best little house in Rochdale’. Angel has also collaborated in both features and shorts in different capacities, such as Assistant director and Production Manager on set, and Digital artist off set. Examples are his latest short work -the sci-fi Reaction- or the visual effects for the the sci-fi promo feature ‘Traveler Zer0’.


Gemma has been making films for over 10 years in both England and Northern Ireland. Her first feature film, ‘Brothers Day’ is now finished. She has produced and undertaken various roles in a number of both documentaries and fiction projects, most recently ‘Zombie Apocalypse’, ‘Anne Green’ and ‘The Wastelander’. She also produced/directed several behind-the-scenes documentaries. She has a background in delivering media training and workshops in both England and Northern Ireland and for several years  and has worked on a freelance basis on various high-profile corporate video and event management projects.